Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Last Ones to Visit--The Tabor Dahls

Now all of our children have visited us here in Nauvoo.  We were so happy to have Tabor and Katie and family visit us.  They arrived on Tabor's 33rd birthday.  His favorite cake is yellow cake and chocolate frosting.

Happy Birthday--Tabor & his girls, Charlotte, Olivia, and Ruby

The girls received a bonnet from Grandma and Grandpa.  They were so cute in them.
Tabor's girls with bonnets.  Charlotte will have to grow into hers.
The first day we took a wagon ride.  Elder Dahl drove Chad and Champ and I narrated.

Ruby, Olivia, Grandpa & Chad & Champ

Mark & Tabor & Charlotte at the Wagon Depot
Tabor was up at the barn one morning helping with the horses.  President Gilliland was there with some company.  He said he explained to the company that missionary standards hadn't changed.  Tabor wasn't a missionary, but a guest.

Tabor & Katie & family--ready for the wagon ride.
Like our other grandchildren, the kids liked Pioneer Pastimes the best.  We tried to go every day.

Ruby riding a horse at Pioneer Pastimes
Charlotte played with a wooden toy.
Katie & Charlotte at Pioneer Pastimes
The kids can dress in pioneer clothes.

Olivia at Pioneer Pastimes

Olivia as Nauvoo's first running water and friend
The water buckets were empty but I think Olivia was acting as if they were full.  The girls made friends easily at Pioneer Pastimes.  I don't know the friend's name, but I'm sure Olivia would.

Olivia at right and her friend--dressed as pioneers

Ruby getting dressed up.

Ruby and Olivia riding sheep
The girls had a tea party with their new friend in the little log house.

Olivia & Ruby having a tea party with a friend

Ruby riding a sheep

Ruby carrying Nauvoo's first running water

We visited the post office and there is a bigger running water apparatus.

Olivia in the post office with running water
We also visited the Family Living Center.  We learned about preparing flax to become linen and cleaning wool to become wool thread.
Ruby riding a sheep at the Family Living Center
At the John Taylor home, the girls heard the story about John Taylor coming back to Nauvoo to get his children's horse that he'd made.  This is the same horse.  It went to Utah and then was donated back to the Church.

Olivia & Ruby at the John Taylor home

After attending Rendezvous, the girls tried on fancy Rendezvous hats and capes.
Ruby and Olivia in Rendezvous clothes
When we visited the Cultural Hall, Tabor and Katie took a turn around the room on the original dance floor that Joseph and Emma danced on.  Ruby wanted to join in.
Tabor & Katie dancing with Ruby
Grandma and Charlotte took a turn also.
Charlotte & I dancing
Grandpa's favorite spot in the Family Living Center is sitting somewhere.  But he is willing to hold sleeping babies.

Mark & Charlotte
The family had the chance to make a rope together.
Olivia making rope
Ruby making rope
Tabor helping with the rope.  I think it was going too slow for him.
Katie making rope
Olivia with the finished rope.  Look at the pride in her eyes.
We visited Carthage Jail one day.  

Charlotte, Katie, Ruby, Olivia, and Tabor with Joseph and Hyrum's statues.
 We visited Joseph's Red Brick Store and took a women's photo upstairs where Relief Society was organized.
Charlotte, Ruby, Katie, Olivia, and Grandma at the Red Brick Store
Tabor & Katie, Olivia & Ruby in the Women's Garden
We also visited the Women's Garden.  What a lovely place!
At the Seventies Hall, Olivia signed the descendancy book as a 5th great granddaughter of Thomas Bateman and a 4th great granddaughter of Simpson David Huffaker.
Olivia signing the Descendancy book at the Seventies Hall

Tabor signing the descendancy book at the Seventies Hall
Tabor signed as 4th great grandson of Thomas Bateman and 3rd great grandson of Simpson David Huffaker.

All of us at the Hyrum & Joseph statues
These statues depict Hyrum and Joseph as they were leaving for Carthage in June, 1844.  They paused and Joseph looked over the city and said, "This is the loveliest place and the best people under the heavens.  Little do they know the trials that await them."

Ruby & Olivia smelling the flowers around the temple

Don't you love the way the girls smell flowers?

Ruby riding Champ
We visited the barn early one morning so the girls could watch the horses come in for the day.

Olivia riding Champ
This photo looks incomplete, but Charlotte is in Katie's backpack.
Tabor & Katie & family by the temple

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  1. Thank you for posting these pictures. What a lovely family. Is it just me or do you have the cutest grandchildren around?