Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn Leaves, New Horses, and Birds

Our leaves are mostly gone now but they have been so beautiful.  We took some photos of them to show you.

We are approaching Main Street
more leaves


This is the mission doctor's house.

This was taken along the horse and carriage route
The carriage route

Sunset on the Mississippi
Another sunset

Thelma says that a family's wealth is determined by the number of sunsets they have seen.

The moon on the Mississippi
The mission purchased four new horses in the last few months.  We took photos of the newest team, Chad and Champ the other day.

Mark with Champ and Chad in front.
Me with Champ and Chad
 These horses are the largest team we have.  They are Belgiums and they weigh app. 2400 pounds each.

Another thing of interest lately have been the migratory birds.  Sometimes the sky is just full of them.  It is amazing to watch and their songs are so noisy.
The birds

The birds kind of form a coil when they reach the river.


  1. Bill liked the barges, and I liked the trees and, of course, you and Mark. Thanks for sharing this remarkable place! Thelma has a good philosophy. Bill & Ruthie